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Packers: No Lambeau Field fans until COVID contained


The Green Bay Packers will not welcome fans to Lambeau Field until the COVID-19 pandemic is contained in the Green Bay area — a huge challenge given the fractured situation of pandemic politics in the area and in Wisconsin.

According to a press release issued by the Packers, the area will need to see a marked improvement in the rate of hospitalizations, as well as the community infection rate and positivity rate, before we see Lambeau Field fans in the stands. The Fox Valley is a hot spot when it comes to COVID-19 cases, with hospitals nearing capacity. After Wisconsin Republican successfully challenged the Tony Evers administration’s use of emergency powers to manage the pandemic statewide, the response devolved to cities and counties. Some counties, like Dane County, implemented their own pandemic controls; in the Fox Valley, it was left to city leaders, who have been unwilling to implement limitations on indoor or outdoor gatherings.

“We are very concerned with the rate of infection in our area,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “We are trending in the wrong direction in terms of hospitalization and positive cases, and based on recommendations from community healthcare and public health officials, hosting fans at the stadium for games is not advisable at this time. 

“We’d all like to resume safely attending games at Lambeau Field. We know enjoying gameday is an integral part of our community and recognize how important it is to our area. However, the health and safety of our players, staff and community is our priority. We all need to take the pandemic seriously and do our part to reduce the spread of the virus, which should lead to significant improvement in the rates of infection and hospitalizations. At that point we’ll be able to experience games in person. 

“We urge everyone to wear masks, socially distance and practice proper hand hygiene. When watching our games, please limit the people with whom you cheer to your small circle of family or close friends.” 

The Packers have a bye week this week and will not have a home game again until Nov. 1 with the Minnesota Vikings in town; fans will not be allowed at that game.

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