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Carrier Dome Air Conditioning Could be Installed by 2021

Carrier Dome renovation rendering

A school official said this week that Syracuse University‘s goal is to install air conditioning at the Carrier Dome by its spring 2021 graduation, part of a multiyear renovation to the venue.

Home to the Syracuse University’s football, men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s and women’s lacrosse programs, Carrier Dome is undergoing a major multiyear renovation that is expected to wrap up in 2022. The project took a major step forward earlier this week with the deflation of the dome’s air-support roof, and university officials have also provided more information on the timeline for the renovation.

In comments to NewsChannel9, Syracuse vice president and chief facilities officer Pete Sala said that the university’s current goal is to have air conditioning in place by its spring 2021 commencement ceremony. This update provides more details on the schedule for Carrier Dome renovations, which currently call for some improvements–including a new roof, along with lighting and technology upgrades–to be in place by the 2020 college football season. More from

The goal to have air conditioning installed before the 2021 football season is a more specific timeframe than the school has publicized previously, when it has included air conditioning on a list of renovations scheduled to take place by 2022.

The school is planning to install a new roof, sound, video and lighting systems before the 2020 football season. It is planning to improve concessions, restrooms and make improvements to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act by 2022.

“Our goal is to have air conditioning by commencement of 2021, and I don’t see why I can’t hit that date,” Sala told NewsChannel 9. “But that’s going to be happening, and again, I’ve had people reach out and say finally you’re getting air conditioning it opens up more dates for us in the spring.”

The addition of air conditioning will end four decades of jokes about how a building whose naming rights belong to air conditioning Carrier doesn’t have the amenity.

The football program’s 2020 home opener is currently scheduled for September 19. Carrier Dome originally opened in 1980.

Rendering courtesy Syracuse University.

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