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Rams, Raiders leading charge for LA move

Rose Bowl

We could see two NFL teams playing out of the Rose Bowl next season, as the St. Louis Rams and the Oakland Raiders are reportedly poised to make the move for the 2015 season.

That report comes from CBS Sports, where Jason La Canfora says the relocation process has progressed to the point where we could see the announcement from both teams as soon as the NFL finishes its due diligence on Los Angeles and stadium plans there:

I continue to hear it’s not out of the question two teams could announce their intent to move to Los Angeles for the 2015 season by the February deadline assuming a bevy of remaining hurdles are cleared, and two teams, the Rams and Raiders, have been engaged in active discussions exploring the LA market and stadium options. Many team and league officials say that if not by 2015, then by 2016 there will be a team or teams playing in the Rose Bowl on an interim basis while a new stadium is under construction.

While there’s no doubt Rams ownership wants to see the team move to Los Angeles, the Raiders’ situation isn’t nearly as black and white. Mark Davis continues to talk with San Antonio business leaders about a potential move, and with a new developer coming on board for the Coliseum City development, there’s talk again of a new Oakland stadium. So we’ll see how sure a thing we have here.

Interestingly, both teams once played in Los Angeles: the Rams out of the Coliseum and Anaheim Stadium, and the Raiders out of the Coliseum.

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