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Florida moves forward with Ben Hill Griffin Stadium renovations

The University of Florida is moving forward with Ben Hill Griffin Stadium renovations, as the University Athletic Association is preparing to select an architect to move forward with design.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium opened in November 1930 but has been renovated several times since. At a capacity of 88,548, it’s still one of the larger college-football stadiums out there, but with Florida athletic officials looking to the future, it looks like a future with more amenities and fewer seats is on the horizon.

‘We’ve conducted a number of studies over the last five-plus years about what the future could look like for Ben Hill Griffin Stadium,” Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin said via press statement. “We’ve engaged with vendors that specialize in iconic venues and stadium experience for both fans and players while offering a variety of solutions. It is now time to take that information and engage with an architect who can present renovation, construction and phasing options for The Swamp.”

The Ben Hill Griffin Stadium renovations are expected to cost $400 million and will touch on all aspects of the fan experience, ranging from upgraded seating and restrooms to new concessions and concourse offerings as well as upgraded video displays and sound system. Maintaining the Florida atmosphere at The Swamp, however, will be key:

“There are many questions that come with a project of this scope, but it would be premature to speculate on the answer to many of those, including but not limited to final costs, seating capacity and specific timeline,” Stricklin said via press release. “We look forward to working along with an architect that will start providing options on what those answers could look like and allow us to continue to host college football’s biggest and best fans in in The Swamp.”

Photo of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium after opening as Florida Field courtesy Florida Memory.

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