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LA Still an Option for Chargers or Raiders

Inglewood proposed stadium

As the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers continue their respective stadium pitches, the Los Angeles Rams are waiting to see if one of those teams will join them at a new stadium.

A factor that has been frequently discussed—particularly in relation to the Chargers—is how the Raiders or Chargers could seek a home in Los Angeles if they fail to get a  new stadium elsewhere. Right now the Chargers are first in line to join the Rams in Los Angeles–where a new stadium is being planned in Inglewood–as the NFL has given the team until January 15, 2017 to exercise an option to relocate, should their effort in San Diego fall through.

The contrasts between the Raiders and Chargers’ stadium situations are striking. While the Raiders have partnered with Las Vegas Sands Inc. and Majestic Realty on proposed stadium in Las Vegas, the Chargers are facing uncertainty surrounding a referendum for a proposed tax hike that would pay for a stadium/convention center project in downtown San Diego.

That tax hike was initially ruled by an appellate court to require just a simple majority for approval, but with the state Supreme Court reviewing the case, the Chargers must now generate two-thirds support. Actions have been taken locally to speed up the Supreme Court’s review—which could ultimately affirm the appellate court’s decision—but some insiders are beginning to wonder if it could dwindle the team’s chances of staying in San Diego. More from the Los Angeles Daily News:

Safe to say then, the Chargers are keeping their eye on the Raiders’ interests in Las Vegas. The outcome could buy them more time sorting out their San Diego options without losing their spot in L.A.

If the Las Vegas stadium gets the necessary political and financing approval and NFL owners grant the Raiders permission to move there, the Chargers could request more time from the league to figure out San Diego while still keeping their option on L.A.

Or, as a high-ranking NFL executive said: “I think that would be an easy ask, if the Raiders have a solution that they are happy with.”

As we noted here yesterday, the group analyzing the Raiders’ stadium proposal—the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee—has requested more time from Nevada governor Brian Sandoval to complete its findings. With the preferred site at Tropicana Avenue and Koval Lane likely nixed by objections from Southwest Airlines, more locations and amenities are being considered for the project, which could rise in cost from $1.4 billion to as much as $1.7 or $2.1 billion. The committee’s report was due at the end of July, but the extension would give it two more months.

The Rams’ new stadium in Inglewood is expected to open in 2019.

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