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New Autzen Stadium Videoboard in the Works

Autzen Stadium videoboard rendering

University of Oregon athletics is planning to install a new videoboard at Autzen Stadium, with a new sound system also part of the proposed project.

In the concept that is being floated by athletic department officials, a new 186-foot-by-66-foot video display would be installed above the facility’s east end zone terrace. Along with the new videoboard, Autzen Stadium would receive a new sound system to address an aspect of the facility that athletic department officials say should be improved in order to provide a better fan experience.

Plans for the $12-million project were advanced by the University of Oregon’s finance and facilities committee on Monday, with full board of trustees approval expected to occur on Tuesday. More from The Oregonian/OregonLive:

The $12 million project, which will be funded by earmarked private funds, called for a new 186′ x 66′ video board and point-source sound system above the East end zone terrace at Autzen Stadium that will become the biggest in college sports. There were two dissenting votes during Monday’s finance and facilities committee meeting and the full UO board of trustees will vote on final approval of the project Tuesday morning.

While presenting the project to the finance and facilities committee, Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens said fan feedback has consistently cited the existing sound system, installed in 2002, as the item “at or near the top of the list” of things needing improvement to enhance the fan experience at Autzen Stadium.

“We’ve looked at all the long-term solutions that also allow us to update the technology on the video board,” Mullens said.

The 12-year-old video board in the West end zone will remain while the existing sound system and small video board in the Northeast corner of Autzen Stadium will be removed and replaced by the new support structure, sound system and video board, which will also feature a separate video board measuring 47′ x 26′ facing outside Autzen Stadium.

Autzen Stadium originally opened in 1967 and has received various improvements over the years, including a major renovation completed in 2002.

Rendering courtesy University of Oregon.

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