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Williams Stadium Expansion Ready for 2018 Season

Liberty University Williams Stadium expansion rendering

Liberty University has been making major changes to Williams Stadium, as the facility will roll out the initial results of an expansion this season.

Liberty is beginning the second season of its two-year FBS transition process. While that means that the football program is in the midst an ongoing evolution, it also signals major changes to the offerings at Williams Stadium.

The Williams Stadium expansion is unfolding over multiple phases, but some of the upgrades completed this year will be most noticeable to fans. On the stadium’s east side, an upper deck has been added to increase the seating capacity by about 6,000. Not only is the expansion resulting in more seats—upping Williams Stadium’s capacity to 25,000—but it is also leading to the addition of a new press box.

Changes to the east side will not be the only noticeable results of the Williams Stadium expansion this year. The facility’s south end will see a new colonnade entrance, along with an enclosed berm seating area.

Perhaps the most striking addition, however, is the stadium’s new videoboard. The 3,000-square-foot display comes in at more than four times the size of its predecessor and is part of a series of technology upgrades that include improved Wi-Fi.

The round of improvements for 2018 are some of the largest, but they are not the only changes on tap at Williams Stadium. Liberty will undertake more renovations prior to the 2019 season, with those improvements focused on the Football Operations Center that is located behind the new videoboard. Down the road, the university is expected to target the west side of Williams Stadium for upgrades. With the installation of loge seating, those improvements would be highlighted by new fan amenities.

The Williams Stadium expansion has certainly been one of the more notable renovations taking place in college football this offseason, as it not only is leading to improved facilities but also factors into Liberty’s FBS transition. Liberty will play its season opener at Williams Stadium on September 1 against Old Dominion.

Rendering courtesy Liberty University. 

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