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49ers Cannot Add Levi’s Stadium Shade Structure

Levi's Stadium

Following research on the issue, the San Francisco 49ers say it is not possible to add a shade structure to Levi’s Stadium that covers the facility’s east side. 

The concept of a Levi’s Stadium shade structure has been explored by the team. In the period since Levi’s Stadium opened for the 49ers in 2014, one of the issues that has been noted periodically about the facility is that much of it seating is exposed to the heat during day games, particularly on the east side of the stadium.

Looking to address that problem, the 49ers consulted with architects and civil engineers about the viability of adding a new shade structure. Ultimately, the team has concluded that it is not a feasible option. According to a podcast interview with 49ers president Al Guido, there are several obstacles that make a shade structure unfeasible, including FAA regulations because of Levi’s Stadium’s proximity to nearby San Jose International Airport. More from NBC Sports BayArea:

“We can’t add shade,” team president Al Guido said on the 49ers Insider Podcast. “It’s not possible.”

The 49ers have investigated all solutions to provide relief from the heat at Levi’s Stadium, Guido said. But the design of the stadium, along with FAA regulations, makes all possible renovations or construction impractical.

“What I can tell the fans is we’re committed to making their experience as best as it possibly can,” Guido said. “We understand there might be a game or two early in the season that might be warm. We cannot add shade. We cannot build a roof.”…

“A lot of it stems from FAA regulations,” said Guido, citing the stadium’s proximity to San Jose International Airport. “Structurally, what I can tell you is even if you could do it, it would take years to get something up there. To hang something 230 feet, 240 feet from the air, it has to be a structure. It can’t be a sunshade or an umbrella or anything along those lines. It has to be substantial.”

The 49ers have made a few moves that could address concerns about the heat during games, including a cut in the price of cold, bottled water from $6 to $2.

Image courtesy San Francisco 49ers.

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