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New for 2018: Stadium Stadium

The home of Rutgers University football is undergoing a slight rebrand, as it will now be known as Stadium

Beginning in 2011, the facility was known as High Point Solutions Stadium–the result of a naming-rights pact between Rutgers and the Sparta, NJ-based High Point Solutions. That agreement continues into the 2018 season, but the facility’s name will be changed to Stadium to reflect the company’s recent rebrand.

The rebrand will lead to signage changes around the facility. More from

“In 2017, our global brand evolved from High Point Solutions into simply HighPoint,” [company co-founder Tom] Mendiburu told NJ Advance Media. “HighPoint is cleaner, simpler, and a step forward in maturing our brand. At the same time, HighPoint aligns more tightly to our digital presence and domain name. When you compare the two brand images, the new one is easier to identify, honors our traditional color scheme, and includes a subtle element in the letter P representing the peak of the High Point Monument found atop of our great state of New Jersey, the original namesake to our company.”

In June 2011, Rutgers agreed to an eight-year naming rights deal with then-named High Point Solutions worth $600,000 annually. While the term expires on June 30, 2019, HighPoint can extend the deal for two more years at $750,000 annually.

The sign over the River Road entrance now reads Stadium and Mendiburu said he is working with Rutgers officials on the placement of other signs outside the stadium and on the field.

Under the terms of the contract, HighPoint is responsible “for all costs and expenses … incurred by Rutgers” as a result of sign changes. A Rutgers official said the River Road sign change was covered by insurance because the previous sign was damaged by a recent storm. Stadium was originally known as Rutgers Stadium when it opened in 1994.

Image courtesy Rutgers Football.

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