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Site for Jacksonville Jaguars Development Faces Questions

EverBank Field

The Jacksonville Jaguars are considering converting an existing parking lot into an entertainment district, though the site could present some challenges. 

The Jaguars are reportedly exploring the idea of redeveloping Lot J of their home stadium, which has been known as EverBank Field but is set to become TIAA Bank Field. Should the project move forward, the Jaguars would construct an entertainment district that would likely resemble similar developments that have taken place at other NFL facilities in recent years–including New England’s Patriot Place and Green Bay’s Titletown.

Given the scope of the project, Lot J has a few advantages. It offers enough space to move forward with a development that could tie into the surrounding area, and the Jaguars already hold a long-term lease on the city-owned property. One major issue, however, could come from its history of use. The site was long used for fuel storage tanks and, though the tanks are long gone, present environmental issues have resulted in tighter regulations on redeveloping the lot.

To this point, the cost of environmental cleanup at the site has not been determined. For their part, the Jaguars indicate that they are still interested in the entertainment complex, but are holding off on discussing further details. More from The Florida Times-Union:

Making the property suitable for an entertainment district “depends on the type of foundation and other building elements proposed for the development,” city spokeswoman Tia Ford said.

The Jaguars are still assessing the situation, but the environmental issues have not derailed the team’s interest in bringing an entertainment district to the sports complex.

“At this time we’re still in the early stages of this project including environmental testing, so we are unable to answer any of your questions,” Jaguars spokeswoman Amanda Holt said. “We anticipate being able to say more at our State of the Franchise presentation currently scheduled for April 19.”

An entertainment complex could compliment some of the other work that has taken place in recent years to make the stadium and surrounding area into a year-round destination. In addition to undertaking a variety of stadium upgrades, the Jaguars made a move draw more visitors to the surrounding area by opening the Daily’s Place amphitheater last year.

Image courtesy Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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