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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Upgrades Could be in the Offing

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium The Swamp

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium could receive upgrades down the road, as the University of Florida is considering future renovations to the venue. 

If the plan eventually comes to fruition, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium–also known as The Swamp–would be upgraded in several areas. Technology upgrades such as an improved sound system and video displays could take place, along with changes to the restrooms and concessions.

While those components would be a key part of the plan, Florida officials are also intent on seeing upgrades to the seating. According to athletic director Scott Stricklin, the goal would be to create a more comfortable seating arrangement that is similar to what has been implemented at more recent college football stadiums. As part of this process, the stadium’s seating capacity could be reduced. More from the AP:

“There was a time when, probably when the north end zone (section) was done in the early ’90s, when seat count is all anyone cared about,” Stricklin said last week. “Just cram as many people as possible in there. Obviously that is not (the case) when you talk to people who do facilities and stadiums these days.

“That’s not as important as quality and making sure you’re creating an environment that people want to come and participate in. The days of fans being OK sitting three hours on a piece of aluminum, I think, are gone. So we’ve got to find ways to upgrade the overall quality.”

Florida’s last major renovation to The Swamp was completed in 2003. The $50 million expansion included the addition of 2,900 club seats and luxury suites. Little has been done inside Florida Field since.

Stricklin said part of the plan would be to aesthetically overhaul the 90,000-seat stadium, which could reduce capacity and create premium seating closer to the field.

No firm timetable has been offered to this point on when the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium upgrades would take place.

Image courtesy Florida Gators Football. 

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