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Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium Receiving Video and Seating Upgrades

Nebraska Cornhuskers

The University of Nebraska is making some upgrades to Memorial Stadium, including overhauls to seating and technology. 

For the 2017 season, Nebraska will role out some new amenities at Memorial Stadium. Sections in the upper north stadium, rows 80 and above, will be given wider seats, as the width of the seats will change from 18 inches to 22-24 inches. A similar plan is in place for section 14 in  south stadium, where seats in rows 16-98 will be widened from 18 inches to 20-22 inches.

Seating is not the only thing that will change at Memorial Stadium before the 2017 season. On the technology side, Memorial Stadium will be equipped with new wrap-around video displays that will be installed on the stadium’s northeast and northwest towers. In addition, Nebraska is proceeding with plans to improve the resolution of existing displays.

Nebraska anticipates that the video display upgrade will improve the overall viewing experience at the stadium. More from the Omaha World-Herald:

“There will be good viewability for everybody in the stadium now,” said Shot Kleen, assistant athletic director with HuskerVision. “I don’t think anybody can’t see a video board now.”

The northeast and northwest towers already featured screens that faced across the field. In addition to images now being seen on both exposed sides of each tower, there will be the capability for one “wraparound” image that can stretch across from one screen to the other.

Some fans in North Stadium previously did not have great angles or proximity to video boards, including the giant screen that sat behind them and above suites that were added in 2006.

Nebraska also is improving the resolution of that North Stadium board, and all other video and ribbon boards. According to an NU release sent to season ticket-holders Tuesday, the resolution of the North Stadium board “will tighten from 20-millimeter to 10-millimeter pixels, creating a clearer, crisper picture that will match the state-of-the-art sound system that was updated in 2014.”

All of the upgrades are expected to be in place by the football program’s home opener on September 2.

Image of Nebraska Memorial Stadium courtesy Nebraska Huskers. 

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