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Panthers Announce Stadium Upgrades

Bank of America Upgrade

The Carolina Panthers have announced the latest slate of upgrades at Bank of America Stadium. As part of this $26 million phase, the Panthers have made upgrades to Wi-Fi accessibility, changes to signage and amenities on the 500 level, and have heightened security procedures. 

Lance Emory, executive director – risk management, discussed enhanced security measures, which are designed to heighten security and improve speed of entrance into the stadium.

“We’ve constructed four new security posts around the stadium to account for people coming onto the property and to account for people once they are inside the property,” Emory said. “We’ve taken a huge step forward.”

There are now 95 walkthrough magnetometers, which will be used in place of the wanding procedure for screening.

“We think it is going to expedite people coming into the building once they get an idea for how it works,” Emory said.

Additionally, camera coverage and explosive detection canine teams have been enhanced.

Once inside the stadium, patrons will notice an improved fan experience. Wi-Fi received a substantial boost, with over 1,200 access points installed with multiple providers for internet.

The 500 level has been refurbished, and fans will notice new signage around the concourse and improvements at the concessions, which include digital menu boards, all-you-can-drink Pepsi stations and 134 more points of sale.

Said Scott Paul, executive director – stadium operations: “We wanted to improve the speed of service, getting people through the lines quicker so they can be out in the bowl supporting the Panthers.”

Paul said they are planning for similar upgrades on the 100 level concourse next year.

Rendering courtesy of the Carolina Panthers

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