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Kansas gaming proceeds could fund new Chiefs stadium

Arrowhead Stadium

Proceeds from online sports wagering could fund a new Chiefs stadium in Kansas, as the Kansas State Legislature debates whether to allow state and tribal casinos to offer legalized sports betting.

Under the terms of legislation under debate in both the House and the Senate, a 10 percent tax would be added to newly enacted in-person or online sports betting. Out of that new tax, 80 percent–or roughly $5 million a year–would be diverted to a fund dedicated to attracting new professional sports teams to the state. Right now there’s a window of opportunity to lure the Kansas City Chiefs or the Kansas City Royals to the state from Kansas City, Missouri’s Truman Sports Complex. It’s not that those facilities are totally inadequate, but given the new trend of leveraging sports teams for new development, both teams could have much more value in new venues featuring new development. Out of those two sports teams, the Chiefs are more likely to look at a move from Missouri; the Royals have been studying the merits of a new ballpark in downtown Kansas City.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, have been approached by developers on a move to Kansas, as the centerpiece of a larger development. One potential location is the suburban Legends area where the MLS Sporting KC and American Association’s Kansas city Monarchs play. But so far the position taken by Chiefs President Mark Donovan is that the team is open to staying at Arrowhead Stadium, building a new stadium at the Truman Sports Complex or moving somewhere else within the Kansas City metro area.

As noted, the topic is being debated by legislators, with final negotiations continuing. Here is the current state affairs in Topeka. And yes, as currently constituted, the legislation would allow sports gambling at pro venues.

Here’s a deeper look at the choices facing the Chiefs.

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