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2020 Big 12 football season is on with revised schedule

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

The 2020 Big 12 football season is on, as the conference releases a revised schedule with conference matchups beginning September 26 and a single nonconference game allowed.

The decision comes after several days of deliberation and a decision made difficult by the action of the Big Ten and Pac-12, both of whom are delaying the 2020 football seasons to spring 2021. Of the Power 5, SEC and ACC officials are deciding whether to follow the Big Ten/Pac-12 or the Big 12.

The Big 12 decision applies to all fall sports, including soccer and volleyball, though these sports will limit play to a conference schedule. A revised 2020 Big 12 football season schedule was released today.

“The Board continues to believe that the health and well-being of our student-athletes must guide all decisions,” said Board of Directors Chairman and TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini in a press statement. “To that end the Board has consistently relied on the advice and counsel of top medical experts to determine the viability of available options. Our student-athletes want to compete, and it is the Board’s collective opinion that sports can be conducted safely and in concert with the best interests of their well-being.  We remain vigilant in monitoring the trends and effects of COVID 19 as we learn more about the virus.  If at any point our scientists and doctors conclude that our institutions cannot provide a safe and appropriate environment for our participants, we will change course.”

There will be regular, though not daily, testing for football players, and within athletic departments only football, volleyball and soccer players will be tested only three times a week. Following a positive test, players will be administered EKG, troponin blood test, echocardiogram, and cardiac MRI tests. Nonconference football opponents must also adhere to COVID-19 testing protocols that conform to Big 12 standards during the week leading up to competition.

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