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Could Syracuse Pursue More Carrier Dome Renovations?

Carrier Dome renovation rendering

Additional improvements could follow upcoming renovations to the Carrier Dome, as Syracuse University officials are showing an interest in doing more to the facility. 

Earlier this week, Syracuse University announced that it is moving forward with major changes to the Carrier Dome. That includes plans for a new roof, new videoboard, improved lighting and sound, and upgraded Wi-Fi for 2020, with new air conditioning, concessions, and restrooms to follow in 2022.

All of these changes will affect the fan experience for sports hosted at the Carrier Dome, including football. recently took a thorough look at the renovation in comparison to similar projects around college football, and found that one area Syracuse University is not placing an immediate emphasis on is premium seating.

While premium seating–a major trend around college sports, particularly football–is not mentioned as part of the first round of renovations, Syracuse officials admit that they could be interested in completing more upgrades down the road. There is no timeline for a second round, however. More from

University officials have indicated a desire to do more, which likely includes the enhancement and addition of premium seating and amenities, but with no timetable for a second round of renovations, it appears it will be at least five years before any headway is made.

“There is an appetite to continue to do more,” Syracuse Athletic Director John Wildhack said, “and we have a menu that our teams work from, and it’s all designed to enhance the fan experience.”

Some additions the university want to integrate can’t happen until the roof is replaced, which will allow structural changes, such as widened concourses, that open up more possibilities previously discussed as part of the project.

“That’s key to what some of the further enhancements that are in this menu that we have of enhancements,” Carrier Dome Managing Director Pete Sala said.

Premium seating is major trend around college football, for both new stadiums and renovations. Colorado State’s premium areas were met with high demand when its new stadium opened last year, while Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Stadium is one of several examples of an existing venue that has been renovated to include new premium seating.

Syracuse’s immediate plans for renovations place a greater emphasis on other areas. However, it stands reason that the university could look to incorporate new amenities down the road.

Rendering courtesy Syracuse University.

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