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Clemson Memorial Stadium Renovation in the Works

Clemson Memorial Stadium

Plans for a major renovation to Clemson Memorial Stadium could move forward this week, as the Board of Trustees is expected to conduct a crucial vote Friday.

Under the current proposal, $68.7 million would be allocated toward upgrades to Memorial Stadium. Improved player facilities would be part of the renovation, as an expanded locker room would allow for new sports medicine facilities and a video review area. Fan amenities would also be addressed in the renovation, with premium areas expected to be part of the mix. In addition, the renovation project would yield a new east endzone videoboard, sound system, and lighting.

A vote of approval on Friday morning would mean that the Board of Trustees is allowing the design phase for the project to move forward. Construction would have to be approved through a later vote, but nonetheless, a successful outcome Friday would allow the renovation plan to proceed. More from The Greenville News:

A new video board, sound system and lighting to the stadium’s east end zone (The Hill), premium club and suite seating and expanding the football locker rooms are among the items to be considered.

University staff is asking the board to approve spending $1,040,000 to begin the design process.

If approved, more than 2,000-square-feet could be added to the Tigers’ locker rooms, including a video-review space and sports medicine facilities. 

An 800-seat and a 240-seat field-level club with amenities will also be added to make room for premium-level ticket holders and donors at the west end zone. 

More exact details could emerge as the planning process continues, but from the looks of this concept, Clemson is aiming to improve technology, while adding premium amenities for fans and improving football program facilities. Under the current timeline, it is expected that the renovations would be completed in time for the 2021 college football season.

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