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Three Concepts Pitched for Aloha Stadium Site Redevelopment

Aloha Stadium

As planning for redevelopment of the Aloha Stadium site continues, a new report presents three options for constructing a new stadium and surrounding development on the property.

First opening in 1975, Aloha Stadium is currently used for University of Hawaii at Manoa football and other events, but its aging condition and high maintenance costs have raised doubts about its future. That has prompted some state officials to push for a larger redevelopment of the Aloha Stadium site to include a new stadium, with the project also leading to ancillary development.

That process took another turn on Sunday with the release of a preparation notice for an environmental impact statement, which includes three options for the construction of a new stadium on the 98-acre site. In all three scenarios, the stadium would be part of a larger redevelopment initiative, but the concepts differ in exactly how and where the facility would be constructed.

One option calls for the existing Aloha Stadium to be demolished in phases as a replacement is built in the same spot, while two others would leave it operational until a replacement is built elsewhere on the property. In those cases, the differences are in where exactly the new facility would be built and how the current Aloha Stadium site would be repurposed. More from Hawaii News Now:  

Under option A, the old facility would be demolished in phases, while a new stadium would be built in the same spot.

Under option B, the new stadium would be built west of the existing one. Then, the old stadium would be demolished. That area would be turned into an outdoor performance venue and community recreation space.

And for option C, the new facility would be south of the current one. The site of the old stadium and parking area would then be turned into a grid street pattern for a new central recreation space.

No decisions have been made yet, as the public will have the opportunity to weigh in during a comment period. It is expected that the new stadium would be built to a smaller scale than Aloha Stadium, seating about 35,000 in comparison to the existing venue’s 50,000.

Aloha Stadium has had a number of unique uses throughout its history. It was once a regular home for the NFL Pro Bowl, and hosted a Minor League Baseball franchise in the form of the Hawaii Islanders (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) from 1976-1987. The facility is currently included on our Endangered Stadiums page.

Image courtesy Aloha Stadium.

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