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Kansas City Chiefs Make Arrowhead Stadium Upgrades for 2019

Arrowhead Stadium videoboard rendering

It has been a busy offseason at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs have been completing a variety of upgrades.

Early this year, the Chiefs announced renovations to Arrowhead Stadium that would focus primarily on the fan experience. The result is improved technology, along with upgraded seating, and more.

In partnership with Daktronics, the Chiefs upgraded Arrowhead Stadium’s west end zone video display. According to an announcement issued last month, the project resulted in the replacement of 16HD technology installed in 2009 in favor of 10-millimeter Surface-Mount Device (SMD) technology—increasing the resolution by more than 2.5 times—and brings the first High Dynamic Range (HDR) video display to professional football. The video display fits into the same footprint as its predecessor, measuring 37 feet high by 150 feet wide.

For fans in the upper level, there will be another notable change at Arrowhead Stadium. As part of the renovations, the Chiefs did a total seat replacement in the upper deck. New seating installed as part of this project is equipped with cupholders, a first for seats in that part of Arrowhead Stadium. In addition to the installation of new seating, the Chiefs also completed a re-application of waterproofing measures in the upper level.

The Chiefs have also taken time to implement a change that honors one of Arrowhead Stadium’s signature traditions. Prior to kickoff before every Chiefs home game, a drum ceremony is staged, with the drummer often being a special guest. Traditionally, the drum has been brought out to the end zone for the ceremony, but beginning in 2019, it will be prominently displayed in a dedicated upper-level space called the Drum Deck. This change, which gives the pre-game ritual prominent display in a fixed location, was unveiled by the team in June.

Arrowhead Stadium originally opened in 1972 and is coming into the 2019 season as the NFL’s fifth-oldest stadium. However, it has been kept up to date, thanks in large part to a $375 million renovation project that was completed back in 2010. Through those upgrades, the Chiefs managed the modernize Arrowhead Stadium while maintaining some of its best design characteristics, including an intimate seating bowl. The renovations completed for the 2019 season were previously estimated to be in excess of $10 million and should build off previous upgrades to Arrowhead Stadium.

With the latest improvements, the Chiefs are poised to offer an improved fan experience at Arrowhead Stadium during the 2019 season. The team’s first preseason home game is set for Saturday, against the visiting Cincinnati Bengals. Arrowhead Stadium’s first 2019 regular-season game is scheduled for September 22, when the Chiefs host the Baltimore Ravens in a week-three matchup.

Image courtesy Daktronics.

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