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Bryant-Denny Stadium LED Lights Installed

Bryant-Denny Stadium

The University of Alabama has completed a notable upgrade at Bryant-Denny Stadium, installing new LED lights.

In what reflects a growing trend for some collegiate and professional sports facilities, Alabama replaced Bryant-Denny Stadium’s previous field lighting system with new LED lights. The change has been completed ahead of the 2019 college football season, with the results showcased on Twitter Monday by Alabama director of athletics Greg Byrne.

When speaking about the project, Byrne noted that the switch to LED lighting should yield a more efficient system, with the color capabilities offering a chance to shakeup the gameday experience at Bryant-Denny Stadium. More from

 “The current lights were at the end of their effective life and we wanted to go to LEDs because they are so much more efficient,” Byrne said. “As an added bonus, that gave us some color capability and we are excited about exploring some different ways to use that.”

Alabama’s first game at Bryant-Denny Stadium this season will come on September 7 with a matchup against New Mexico State.

Image courtesy University of Alabama athletics.

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