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Brittany Bowlen to Re-Join Denver Broncos, Assume Senior Management Position

Denver Broncos

Brittany Bowlen is set to re-join the Denver Broncos in the coming months and assume a senior management position, a move that could help pave the way for her to eventually lead the franchise.

Brittany Bowlen is the 29-year-old daughter of the late Pat Bowlen, who stepped aside from his role as Broncos CEO after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014 and died last month. Currently, Brittany Bowlen is employed by consulting firm McKinsey & Co., but she is expected to leave the post in the coming months and return to the Broncos in a senior management position, according to team president/CEO Joe Ellis.

The exact timing of her return to the Broncos has not been determined, but Ellis indicated that it is expected to be either later this year or after the 2019 season concludes. Bowlen has previously shown interest in taking over the franchise, and it is believed that her return could set help her rise to that post in motion. More from the Denver Post:

“I’m going to meet with her next week and go over some elements of her job description and she has some unfinished work that she needs to take care of at McKinsey,” Ellis said in an interview with The Denver Post before the Broncos’ first training camp practice Thursday.

Ellis previously said Bowlen would serve in a “senior management position” with the Broncos.

“She’ll be here as an employee and she’ll have to roll up her sleeves and I’m confident she will prove her worth here,” Ellis said.

Once Bowlen declared her interest in succeeding her father, the predictive dots were easy to connect: She would re-join the Broncos to set a course that ends with the trustees selecting her as Pat Bowlen’s successor.

Bowlen’s prior professional experience includes two years in the NFL office. Control of the Broncos currently falls under a trust led by Ellis, along with trustees Rich Slivka and Mary Kelly. This a point that is currently the subject of a legal dispute, as Pat Bowlen’s brother Bill Bowlen has filed a lawsuit and asked for the courts to strip the trustees of their control.

Image of Broncos Stadium at Mile High courtesy Denver Broncos.

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