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Denver Broncos Development Could be Completed by 2022

Denver Broncos

In a preliminary estimate, the plan for a mixed-use development outside Broncos Stadium at Mile High calls for a completion date as early as 2022.

The Denver Broncos are working to develop the stadium’s south parking lots. As it is being envisioned, the mixed-use project would provide entertainment destinations along with housing, retail, dining, office space, lodging, and more. Under a preliminary estimate that was submitted to the city, it is anticipated that the development would amount to nearly 3.4 million square feet and be completed as early as 2022.

It remains to be seen if that date will be met, as the team and stadium owner are still working to find a developer for the project and has plenty of tasks remaining in the planning process. However, the organization anticipates that it will be able to reveal more details on the project in the coming months. More from Denverite:

But these numbers represent rough (and possibly ambitious) guesses that were submitted to the city as part of the planning process. In fact, the partners still haven’t identified the developer that would build the project, according to Mac Freeman, the chief commercial officer for the team.

“Until we know what we’re able to build, it’s tough to talk about specific units or the specific benefits,” Freeman said at a Denver City Council meeting on Monday.

“I think we’re maybe two months away from being able to do that. You’re going to hopefully look at us and say, ‘Wow, you meant what you were saying.’”

The plan is being pushed jointly by the team and the governmental district that oversees and owns the stadium area. They hope to follow in the tracks of similar projects in Tampa, Atlanta and Detroit, according to public records.

The Broncos and Metropolitan Football Stadium District, the entity that owns the stadium, have been pitching the project as a potential revenue source for future facility maintenance and upgrades. It would also mark another instance of an NFL team developing the area surrounding its stadium, with New England’s Patriot Place and Green Bay’s Titletown being prominent examples of such projects that have already taken shape.

Image courtesy of the Denver Broncos. 

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