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Shad Khan Outlines Vision for Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Having made an offer to purchase the facility, Shad Khan is detailing his vision for Wembley Stadium‘s future. That future could high-profile events like World Cup matches and a Super Bowl.

Last week, it was learned that Khan–the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C–has submitted an offer to buy Wembley Stadium from the Football Association. If the purchase does move forward, it would strengthen existing ties between the NFL and London while allowing Khan to plan for the stadium’s future.

In recently discussing what he envisions for the facility, Khan indicated that Wembley Stadium would be positioned to host major sporting events. Among them could be a Super Bowl and World Cup matches. More from the BBC:

“Our role would be to provide a world-class venue,” he told BBC Sport.

“[The FA] will have a pool of money of about £600m that can be invested into the core mission of the FA, which is English football and their ultimate goal of winning a World Cup.

“Wembley is a great stadium and you want to get it configured to hold Super Bowl and World Cup finals.”

The offer for the stadium is £600m but the FA would retain all the national games and cup matches, which generate revenue for the association, and have a value of about £400m.

The Jaguars are a franchise with existing connections to London, as they have played one home game there annually since 2013. However, the purchase of Wembley Stadium is being pitched as a way to bolster the Jaguars’ viability in Jacksonville, as Khan said in a statement last week that buying the venue “would deliver another – and very significant – asset and local revenue source that would further strengthen our investment in London, which as everyone knows is crucial to the Jaguars’ continued sustainability in Jacksonville.”

Along with his offer to purchase Wembley Stadium, Khan has gathered attention recently for his push to play a larger role in development around Jacksonville. Part of those plans include adding an entertainment district outside of the Jaguars’ home in Jacksonville, which would make the team one of the latest in the NFL to pursue such a development.

Image courtesy Wembley Stadium.

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