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Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium to Recieve New Videoboard

New OU videoboard

On Wednesday, officials approved the installation of a new north end videoboard at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

In preparation for the 2018 season, the University of Oklahoma will install a new videoboard at its football facility. Located on the north end, the new Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium videoboard is expected to be more than three times larger than the display it is replacing, as it measures at 2,356 square feet and stands 38 feet high by 62 feet wide.

“This has been part of our master plan for some time and we’re delighted to get the new high-definition board in place,” Joe Castiglione, vice president and athletics director at OU, said in a press statement. “This will provide a greatly-improved fan experience especially for those seated in the south end zone. We’re already discussing the programming of the new board and will focus almost exclusively on live action and replays.”

The project was approved Wednesday by the OU Board of Regents. It is budgeted at $4.3 million, and the university anticipates that it will provide high-quality replays during the game.

“We know that a fan’s greatest desire with any video board is to see high quality replays, and that will be our direction,” Brandon Meier, associate athletics director for broadcasting and the director at SoonerVision, said in a press statement. “Other game information will still be available on ribbon boards and other boards in the stadium, but the north board will be free of anything that would infringe on seeing game action.  And this new board and the amount of space we dedicate to similar video on the south board will be roughly the same. In terms of seeing game action and replays, everyone in the stadium will enjoy a similar experience.”

This is the second time in recent years that Oklahoma has placed a new videoboard in the stadium, as the university installed a south end display in 2016 that measures as one of the largest in college football.

Rendering courtesy University of Oklahoma.

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