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Delaware Stadium Renovation Plans Revealed

Whitney Athletic Center Delaware rendering

Headlined by a new athletic center, the University of Delaware is working on a $60 million plan that should modernize Delaware Stadium

On Saturday, Delaware revealed the plans to renovate the longtime home of its football program. The scope of the project calls for a significant amount of attention to be paid to the west end, where new stands and an athletic center would be constructed.

Under the current plan, Delaware will demolish the current west side seating and construct a new structure that includes chairback seats in sections C, D, and E. Behind the seating would be a new five-story athletic facility, with the top floor of the building providing media and coaches work space. The floor below that would serve as a premium area that includes club seating as well as two luxury suites.

In making the announcement, Delaware athletic officials emphasized not only the need for renovations to Delaware Stadium, but the effect the new athletic center could have on all of its sports. More from Delaware Online:

“The athletic center and the renovation of the west side is a game changer for us from an athletics perspective,” Delaware Athletic Director Chrissi Rawak said, “in our ability to be competitive with recruiting but also provide our student-athletes with exceptional experiences.”

Echoing Delaware fans, Rawak termed the stadium renovations “long overdue.”

The first floor will house health and wellness areas, including athletic training, sports medicine, nutrition, sports psychology and strength and conditioning, including a new weight room.

The second floor will be devoted to “student success,” said Rawak, referring to academic support, leadership development, career preparation and multi-purpose space.

In funding the project, the university will contribute $25 million. According to recently-released figures, Delaware has thus far raised $23 million of the $35 million needed to complete the funding for the project.

If the remaining funds are obtained on time, Delaware could begin the project after the 2018 season. The new seating on Delaware Stadium’s west side and upper levels of the athletic center would be ready by 2019. The full athletic center would be completed in 2020.

Rendering courtesy University of Delaware. 

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