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Texas Tech Eyes Potential Jones AT&T Stadium Upgrades

Jones AT&T Stadium

Texas Tech officials say they are still discussing future upgrades to Jones AT&T Stadium, and are evaluating their options. 

Over the last several years, Texas Tech has sought ways to modernize some of its athletic facilities. That includes Jones AT&T Stadium, where a major overhaul to the facility’s north end was completed prior to the 2016 season.

Another concept Texas Tech officials have discussed is a proposed south end building at Jones AT&T Stadium, one that would introduce new amenities and development possibilities–including options such as retail and offices–to the facility. In recent remarks, athletic director Kirby Hocutt confirmed that the university is still working to determine the full extent of that proposal.

A handful of design decisions appear to have been made, but Texas Tech wants to pin down some key details before moving forward with a major overhaul to the south end. More from The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

“The idea process remains fluid,” Hocutt said last week. “We have come to gain a better understanding of just the design challenge that exists with it being such a vertical design, which limits some of the ideas that we had, so we continue to think through that.”

Among the few decisions that have been made: What’s housed in the Football Training Facility will remain in the Football Training Facility, with that 14-year-old building possibly getting a modification or modest expansion at some point. At one time, relocating football operations and coaches offices to the proposed Jones AT&T Stadium south end zone building was a consideration.

“This being such a vertical space just limits your natural light, limits your horizontal movement within a building,” Hocutt said, “so right now my thought process has continued to shift as to how do we continue to modify and expand the FTF to meet the future needs of our football program and at the same time, what then becomes the space needs and allocation for the south end zone to be able to complete the full renovation of Jones AT&T Stadium.”

The south end zone development and its scale is subject to the funding needed to pay for it. Hocutt and Tech officials have never put a start date or timeline on the project. Hocutt remains mindful of the budget, given that Tech began the current fiscal year with $129 million in long-term, athletics-related debt to be paid off through 2036.

Jones AT&T Stadium originally opened in 1947.

Image courtesy Texas Tech football. 

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