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Rose Bowl Locker Room Restored

Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl has unveiled an interesting feature, a restored locker room that has been converted into a small museum on the facility’s history. 

It was recently revealed that a process was undertaken to restore an original locker room that dated back to 1922. The locker room was used for the stadium’s first six years, but was then converted into a storage area.

Now, the space has been restored and repurposed into a small museum. Scheduled to open to the public on August 25, the new Rose Bowl museum will feature numerous displays on Rose Bowl games and other memorable moments in the stadium’s history. Anticipating is building for the public unveiling of this space, but officials are hopeful that the small museum can help to generate interest and support for opening a larger museum in the future. More form The Los Angeles Daily News:

“The two great strengths of the Rose Bowl are the history and its setting,” said Darryl Dunn, the stadium’s general manager. “In this room, the history is brought to life.”

The Rose Bowl Operating Company will use the tiny museum — only a few hundred square feet — for special events and as the first stop during the official stadium tour program. The room will open to the public Aug. 25, the day after private donors get their first look.

But the locker room’s main purpose is to promote plans for a full-sized Rose Bowl museum.

“If you build it, they will come,” Dunn said, “Hopefully this is going to create the enthusiasm and support that we’ll need.”

The project was paid for by donations to the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation.

Image courtesy Rose Bowl Stadium.


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