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Notre Dame Stadium Receives New Videoboard

Notre Dame Stadium

Fans will have a different perspective on the action at Notre Dame Stadium this season, as a new videoboard has been installed.

As part of its improvements to the stadium, Notre Dame is introducing a significant technology upgrade. The display is located above the south end zone  of Notre Dame Stadium, and is first ever videoboard to be installed at the venerable facility.

With Notre Dame’s first game of the 2017 season just weeks away, the anticipation for the new videoboard seems to be growing. The board offers some features that are fairly unique among college football facilities, something that should help Notre Dame in its strategy for how it will use the display. More from

Towering over the south end zone at Notre Dame Stadium, the Campus Crossroads project’s most long-rumored, intensely debated addition measures 54.1 feet high and 95.5 feet wide. Its immense LED (light-emitting diode) display screen contains a total of 4,798,976 pixels, the most of any NCAA outdoor venue.

“Compared to many boards of similar size, Notre Dame has as much as four times the resolution of what many college and professional football programs are using,” said Chris Mascatello, the executive vice president of technology solutions for ANC Sports Enterprises, which manufactured the video board.

That investment in picture quality supports the video board’s primary purpose. There are no advertisements. No commercials. No logos of local food chains draped distractingly over the screen.

The emphasis was placed on video — namely, the instant replays that have eluded frustrated fans for many years.

Notre Dame’s home opener is scheduled for September 2 against Temple. That contest could be a good showcase for the stadium, which has received several improvements in addition to the videoboard, including seating upgrades.

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