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L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District Highlighted at New Center

Inglewood Stadium

To provide a glimpse of the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District, project officials have opened a new premier center that shows the facility’s key features.

When it opens, the new stadium in Inglewood will be notable for a number of reasons. It will be the shared home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, and is expected to anchor a 298-acre entertainment district.

Leading up to its 2020 debut, the stadium is being previewed at a new 20,000-square foot premier center in Playa Vista. As the stadium and development project, which is being led by Rams owner Stan Kroenke, takes shape the center previews the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District in a number of ways. While allowing prospective suite owners and sponsors an overview of the facility’s key features, this area also contains a large-scale model of the project. More from The Los Angeles Times:

“This is on a different scale because everything about what Stan is doing is on a different scale,” said Chris Hibbs, chief revenue officer for the L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District. “This project is big and different in all positive ways.”

Last week, Hibbs and his staff started selling the first group of 125 suites — the stadium will include more than 260 suites across seven varieties — and guiding would-be buyers through the center. This top-tier batch of suites will be committed for all Rams and Chargers games at the stadium in addition to non-football events.

When the introductory video ends — there are individual versions for the Rams and Chargers plus one that’s team agnostic — doors pivot open behind guests to reveal a sprawling model of the project. That’s the traditional centerpiece of a preview center for a new or renovated stadium. This model is different.

It’s arranged in three pieces across a 1,200-square foot space. Designers believe it’s the biggest such model ever constructed in North America; they needed a crane to hoist it into the building. Instead of the usual handcrafted, static display of a future stadium, this one functions like a giant movie screen.

It is expected that the center will be up and running through the opening of the stadium. Until the stadium’s 2020 opening, the Rams will play at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, while the Chargers are playing at Carson’s StubHub Center beginning this year.

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