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Ravens Gear Up for M&T Bank Stadium Upgrades

M&T Bank Stadium Renovation Rendering

In advance of the upcoming NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens are planning some major upgrades to M&T Bank Stadium. While the most immediate improvements will bring sweeping technology changes to the stadium, future renovation phases will mark the arrival of even more amenities.

Early this year, the Ravens and M&T Bank Stadium announced a thorough renovation plan to the facility. In total, the Ravens plan to invest $120 million into the stadium, while the Maryland Stadium Authority—the facility’s owner—will contribute an additional $24 million for the venue’s upkeep.

It will all begin with a phase of upgrades that has been estimated to cost $32 million. For 2017, the most visible change at M&T Bank Stadium will be to the video technology. The Ravens are replacing the videoboards behind both end zones with new displays that will be double the width of the current screens, and will measure at approximately 200 feet wide by 36 feet high. Along with the investment in the new videoboard, the Ravens have committed to expanding their audio/video control room, and install new lenses, control equipment, and 4K cameras. The team also plans to add more robotic cameras, and will purchase 11 new manned cameras.

The Ravens are also planning to install new LED ribbon boards. The boards will be located along the suite level of M&T Bank Stadium.

Over the coming years, the Ravens will continue to overhaul the stadium. Along with additional technology upgrades, the Ravens will also look to improve access at M&T Bank Stadium and make changes to premium areas and food services.

Prior to the 2018 season, M&T Bank Stadium will receive new escalators and elevators in its southeast corner, with the same slate of improvements set to take place in the northwest corner before the Ravens begin their 2019 campaign. Plans are also in place to upgrade the stadium’s sound system, and make improvements to the club level and the kitchen area.

In keeping with their emphasis on improved video production, the Ravens will install four new displays. The new screens will be installed in each corner of M&T Bank Stadium, and measure at 33 feet wide by 44 feet high. Below each of the screens will be a new corner suite area.

All of this means that, down the road, M&T Bank Stadium will receive enhancements that affect gameday production and accessibility, while also providing the facility with new premium spaces. It will be years before the upgrades are complete, but the latest projects should keep the now 19-year-old venue viable for future years.

As for the upgrades that are taking place before this season—including the new videoboards—the Ravens have now offered an indication of when fans can expect to see the changes first hand. Earlier this month, the club announced that it will host a team practice—free and open to the public—at M&T Bank Stadium on July 30, during which fans will be able to see the latest improvements to M&T Bank Stadium. Another practice on August 12 will also be open to the public.

Renderings courtesy Baltimore Ravens.

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