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NFL Stadium Included in SoccerCity Rendering

Football Stadium SoccerCity

A new rendering from FS Investors shows how an NFL could be incorporated into SoccerCity, the group’s proposed development in San Diego.

FS Investors is leading the effort  to attract an MLS expansion franchise to San Diego. If the plan comes to fruition, the expansion franchise would play a new stadium as part of a development called SoccerCity, which would encompass 79.9 acres of the Qualcomm Stadium site.

Qualcomm Stadium and San Diego are now without the NFL, following the Chargers’ decision in January to relocate to Los Angeles. The SoccerCity development could accommodate the NFL’s return, as a new stadium could be constructed on 16 acres that will be set aside for a five-year period. As shown in the rendering (see above), the NFL stadium would be placed on the far of the development from the soccer venue, with other components of the development between the two facilities.

FS Investors is not proposing that the stadium be constructed, but is leaving the possibility open in the event that a plan to bring the NFL back to San Diego emerges. However, many factors–including funding and an interested franchise and ownership group–would still have to come together for the NFL to come back to San Diego. More from The San Diego-Union Tribune:

The caveat for that 16-acre portion of the land is part of the citizen’s initiative for which FS Investors will begin gathering signatures on Wednesday. The group plans to gather the required 71,646 signatures from voters registered in the city of San Diego by June. It will then be up to the city council to approve the initiative or send it to a special election, which would likely take place in October.

As for an NFL stadium ever being part of SoccerCity, it would be contingent on a team deciding it wanted to come to San Diego and find a way to build the stadium with little or no public money. Not to mention the need to figure out additional traffic and environmental concerns.

SoccerCity is expected to include amenities such as offices, housing, park space, and more. If the MLS rewards the city with an expansion franchise, it could begin play at the new soccer stadium by the 2020 season, with the rest of the development being completed over the ensuing years.

A separate group that includes Doug Manchester recently released a concept that would include a renovated Qualcomm Stadium. In any case, San Diego will still have much to sort through before it can have a new NFL team of its own.

Rendering courtesy FS Investors. 

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