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Bank of America Stadium Renovations Resume

Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium is receiving another round of improvements, as the Carolina Panthers have started work on a new series of projects.

Over the last several years, the Panthers have been fine tuning certain aspects of Bank of America Stadium. Many of the changes have focused on technology upgrades–including improved Wi-Fi–and level-by-level overhauls to the concessions.

Before the 2017 season, the focus will be on the 100 level, which is receiving new concessions signage and improved point of sale services. The all-you-can-drink soda stations that have been added to other sections of Bank of America Stadium will also be joining the 100 level.

Among the other projects include overhauls to the 300 and 400 levels, where the Panthers are seeking to improve the technology offerings, according to executive director stadium operations Scott Paul. More from

“We’re really focused on speed of service,” Paul said, “to get people in and out of lines so they can focus on the game.”

That’s also a goal in the reimagined club level lounges on 300 and 400 levels, though some fans might have a hard time breaking away to head back to their seats once they lay eyes on the large-format televisions in the works. While the lounges previously surrounded fans with 55-inch televisions as they waited to place their food order, some lounges will now feature a single screen the size of about 15 55-inch televisions.

“We’re going in a different direction with how people will see the game,” Paul said.

Changes to Bank of America Stadium are extending beyond the fan experience, as the Panthers are currently replacing the playing surface. The multi-phase renovation, which began before the 2014 season, marks the most drastic change to a facility that opened in 1996.

Image courtesy Carolina Panthers. 

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