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Expanded Alcohol Sales Discussed for Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium

If Louisiana State University has its way, future seasons will include expanded access to alcoholic beverages at Tiger Stadium

Currently LSU is considering a round of changes at Tiger Stadium that would address areas such as restrooms and concessions. One of the concepts on the table is a new outdoor beer garden, which would be an addition that results from facility-wide alcohol sales at Tiger Stadium.

There has been an influx of college teams expanding alcohol sales in recent years, with many doing so to tap into an additional revenue source and expand stadium offerings for games and other events. For right now, LSU and Tiger Stadium must adhere to SEC policy, which states that alcohol sales shall be limited to areas such as suites and club levels.

Athletic director Joe Alleva is behind the beer garden concept, and has indicated that he will lobby the SEC in an effort to change the conference’s current policy. More from The Advocate:

“We’ve got some concepts on the board to develop food courts and, maybe, even a beer garden down the road,” Alleva said. “Those kinds of things are on the horizon and will make the experience in Tiger Stadium better for everybody.”

 LSU has long supported the idea of expanded beer sales. Alleva says it will provide schools with an expanded revenue streams, could help increase attendance and could make fans less likely to drink heavily before entering stadiums and arenas.
With Alleva supportive of the concept, the beer garden proposal has a chance of making it to Tiger Stadium, but that will obviously depend upon whether the SEC wants to refine its current stance on alcohol.
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