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Notre Dame Stadium Upgrades in Place

Notre Dame Stadium renovations

Notre Dame Stadium will debut some modern amenities this season, as select upgrades from an ongoing renovation project are in place. 

Last year, the university unveiled a series of upgrades at Notre Dame Stadium that would take place as part of the Campus Crossroads Project. The bulk of the work is expected to complete in time for the 2017 season, but this year will mark a few changes. Most notably, the seating in Notre Dame Stadium’s upper bowl has been replaced, as the previous benches have made way for modern, galvanized blue seating.

Additionally, a new press box has been added to the stadium’s east end and the field lighting was upgraded. With the latter improvement, Notre Dame Stadium’s lights are 55% more energy efficient.

While these upgrades provide some elements to Notre Dame Stadium, they are just a small portion of what is expected to take place between now and the start of next season. More from the South Bend Tribune:

A tunnel designated for the visiting team will be cut into the stands at the northeast corner of the field, near where the flagpole now stands and the Notre Dame Marching Band sits. The Notre Dame team will continue to enter and exit the field from the traditional north tunnel.

 “Both teams won’t be sharing the same tunnel anymore,” [university spokesman Dennis] Brown said. The new tunnel will lead to the visiting team’s locker room.

After the new tunnel is created, the Notre Dame band will be moved to the stands in the north end zone. The student section will remain in the stadium’s northwest corner.

Notre Dame Stadium’s official seating capacity currently is 80,795.

The traditional redwood benches in the lower bowl will be replaced by next summer with the same galvanized steel benches covered with vinyl that are now in the upper bowl. When the new benches are installed in the lower bowl, the seats in those sections will be widened about 2 inches each: from an average of 16 inches wide to an average of 18 inches.

The total Campus Crossroads is expected to cost $400 million, with the sales of new premium seating at Notre Dame Stadium expected to cover the cost. Those seating areas will be in place by next season, along with new video displays, improved WiFi accessibility, and several other amenities.

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