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Wider Seats on Tap at Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium during the football game vs. Temple, Sept. 20, 2008

As Penn State plans renovations to Beaver Stadium, university officials are offering more details about what the project may entail.

Last week, we covered the news that Penn State was likely to reduce the seating capacity at Beaver Stadium, which holds roughly 107,000 spectators. A little bit more information has emerged as to why Penn State is considering this path.

According to athletic director Sandy Barbour, fan feedback suggests that wider seats should be a priority in the renovation. At this point, the Penn State is working with Populous to figure out how a change could be made without a significant reduction in capacity. More from the Morning Call:

Barbour said that, in surveys, fans rated seating comfort, particularly width and leg room, as “pretty high” on their list of requested renovations. Widening seats would require a capacity reduction, Barbour said, though Beaver Stadium likely will retain at least 100,000 seats.

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