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Latest NFL in Los Angeles rumors: Rams, Chargers to Inglewood

NFLIt’s increasingly apparent that nothing is settled when it comes to the NFL in Los Angeles, with the latest chatter putting the San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams in a new Inglewood stadium and the Oakland Raiders locked out of the market.

To say that we’re in the midst of musical chairs when it comes to the future of three and maybe four franchises is an understatement. And while there’s been plenty of talk about new stadiums in Carson (the L.A. suburb), San Diego, St. Louis and Inglewood, the most firm plan on record is Stan Kroenke‘s Hollywood Park redevelopment play. Every other stadium plan is speculative and relies on public funding along with contributions from the NFL and a team.

In Carson, the continues to work on a stadium to house the Chargers and the Raiders. Here’s what former San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns exec Carmen Policy presented to NFL owners last month in an attempt to win league approval for the facility. It even has the requisite star power you’d expect from a Los Angeles pitch, with narration from Kiefer Sutherland:

Whether it will be enough is an open question. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole tweets that there’s momentum for the Chargers and Rams to share the new Inglewood stadium at Hollywood Park.

The Raiders probably do have the $ to make it work with some creative financing; the larger issue is whether there’s enough room for three teams in the Los Angeles market. Obviously there are plenty of owners who don’t think there is, with two teams perfect for the NFL in Los Angeles.

Which leaves us with proposed new stadiums in Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis. A new St. Louis stadium will be a fight; political leaders already have expressed their opposition to state funding, and new stadium plans deemphasize suites and high-end spaces in favor of lower-end seating. A new plan for the Coliseum site has developer Floyd Kepler transforming 100 acres while setting aside land for a new Oakland Raiders stadium that would be owned and financed by the team. And a new San Diego plan has the city pumping $400 million into a new facility in Mission Valley, even though Chargers owner Dean Spanos says there’s a better play in Carson, despite the $1.7 million price tag.

Being dragged into the talk: the Jacksonville Jaguars, rumored to be looking at a move to St. Louis should a new stadium be financed. Jags owner Shahid Khan has pumped plenty of money into EverBank Field, has embarked on a big Jacksonville redevelopment plan, and has been working on a long-term lease for the Jags to play an annual game at London’s Wembley Stadium — a lease, he says, would ensure the future of the team in Jacksonville.

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