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State Senator Calls for Demolishing, Replacing Aloha Stadium

Aloha Stadium

A Hawaii state senator recently offered his support for demolishing Aloha Stadium, and replacing it with a modern multipurpose facility. 

Aloha Stadium originally opened in 1975 and remains active for a variety of events, including concerts, the University of Hawaii at Manoa football program, and the annual Hawaiʻi Bowl. Its long-term future has been under debate in recent years, however, as some officials contend that the high cost of maintaining the aging stadium makes a modern replacement a more viable option going forward.

In recent comments, Hawaii state senator Glenn Wakai expressed support for demolishing and replacing Aloha Stadium with a new and versatile facility. A concept released in April 2017 called for a potential replacement to be designed as a multipurpose venue, with a capacity expandable to 40,000 for larger events. More from

Senator Wakai tells us that Aloha Stadium in its current state is safe, but it’s costing millions each year to maintain the structural integrity. Aloha Stadium officials ask for $20 million a year for the upkeep, but Senator Wakai says legislators give the bare minimum of about $7 to $8 million.

The plan back in April 2017 was to build a new facility in a u-shape that seats 30-35 thousand people, expandable to 40-thousand with temporary seating. Officials have said it will be less expensive than maintaining the existing facility.

“We ultimately need to tear down Aloha Stadium and build a multipurpose facility so that we can do more than just play football games. We need a facility where we can play rugby and soccer; just a multitude of different opportunities that we can’t do at the stadium at the moment,” said Senator Wakai.

Aloha Stadium was a long-time home for the NFL Pro Bowl, which has been played at Orlando’s Camping World Stadium in recent years. The NFL is set to have a presence at Aloha Stadium next year, however, as the venue will host one preseason game for the Los Angeles Rams.

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