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No Timetable for Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovations


Auburn University still seeks to upgrade Jordan-Hare Stadium through a major north end project, but it has not finalized a construction timeline.

First unveiled to fans in May 2015, the renovation to Jordan-Hare Stadium would primarily focus on modernizing the facility’s north end. HOK had made a preliminary design on a new north end that would include additional premium and club seating options. With this upgrade, Jordan-Hare Stadium would also receive enhanced concourses, new terrace space, and upgraded seats throughout that section of the facility.

Auburn has gone as far as to seek fan feedback on the proposal, leading some to believe that the plan could fall into place sooner rather than later. However, athletic director Jay Jacobs recently stated that the earliest the renovations would begin is after the 2017 season. That timeline is not finalized, as the university is reportedly still seeking funds. More from the Montgomery Advertiser:

Sources have told to the Montgomery Advertiser that feedback from the survey sent to potential donors and Auburn boosters last December revealed the renovations, which were initially estimated at $145 million, were not currently financially viable. However, Jacobs said the feedback from the survey has been “positive” but admitted that renovations are “a sensitive topic” to fans with season tickets in the north section of the stadium.

“I have a lot of respect for them because that’s where I sat when I started coming here,” Jacobs said. “That’s where my great uncle had tickets in the north end zone because that’s all we could afford. I’m very sensitive to them so we have to make it good for everybody.”

Jacobs said Tuesday that the Auburn athletic department “didn’t know” whether the project was initially viable. The fact that the timetable, which initially set for the end of this year but then delayed over a lack of donor interest, is being moved again suggests the school continues to look for alternate revenue sources to fund the project.

Auburn completed a similar project on the stadium’s south end in 2009.

Image courtesy Auburn football. 

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