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Miami Renovations Put Orlando in the Spotlight


Camping World Stadium Footbal

In stepping up for the Miami Dolphins and potentially the Miami Hurricanes, Orlando’s Camping World Stadium is becoming an active football venue.

For most football fans, Camping World Stadium has received most of its exposure under another name–the Citrus Bowl. While the Citrus Bowl game has been a college football staple in Orlando for decades, recent developments are making Camping World Stadium all the more notable.

With renovations continuing at New Miami Stadium, both the Dolphins and Hurricanes may find themselves in limbo. The Dolphins are already playing at least one preseason game in Orlando, and should the Hurricanes be forced to move their first few regular season games, Camping World Stadium might be a temporary venue.

The implications could be big for Orlando’s economy. More from the Orlando Business Journal:

Orlando is a candidate for both Dolphins and Canes games as Camping World Stadium is comparable in capacity to the Miami stadium with 70,000 seats available for fans. Those games in Orlando, in turn, could have huge economic benefits for the region, as Floridians would travel to Orlando to see their team play and stay at local hotels.

The games may not be marketed as big as Orlando’s bowl games, but the economic impact of hosting a Dolphins or Canes game in Orlando could easily exceed $10 million if fans decide to extend their weekend into a short vacation.

These games would be a nice profile boost for Camping World Stadium, which underwent its own round of renovations in 2014. The stadium is also hosting next January’s Pro Bowl, so the facility’s football exposure should be fairly consistent over the next several months.

Image courtesy of Camping World Stadium. 

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